Why Tessera?

Tessera means four (4). A number that is fundamental for nature's balance.Nature's elements are four, as are the seasons and the corners of the earth.

Pairs of counter forces that maintain the balance are met throughout nature. Land and wind, fire and water, winter and summer, spring and autumn, North and South, West and East are a few of the twin pairs that build nature's most valuable part: it's perfect ratio.

For us, Tessera means exaclty that: perfection and harmony. It represents the perfection of greek nature and it offers us its excellent products and the unique smells and tastes.

Tessera is the matching of the fertile greek land with the beneficial greek sun and mediterranean climate. It is the 'golden ratio' between the high nutrician and therapeutic value of greek herbs with the fine smell and excellent taste.

Tessera is the name of the spectacular mosaic pieces that are found in every corner of the Meditarranean as the main architectural characteristic of the area, from the ancient times untill today.

For the mediterranean cuisine, the aromatic herbs are the 'pieces' of the vivid mosaic of tastes, smells and colors that are the main charactetistic of the mediterranean nutrition, as they are the basis of each dish.