Our Vision


The idea

Tessera is aiming to provide the greek market and the world with top organic and aromatic herbs that are cultured under the best climate and soil conditions. Thus the products that carry our brand are synonymous with uniqueness and high quality.

To achieve our goal, we invested much time looking for the best soil growing conditions, ending at the are of Pieria Mountains, which have an excellent micro-climate and a soil that is ideal for the 25% of the greek flora.

Organic farming is achieved by small certified farmers, at a 700m altitude, under totally natural and traditional methods, without any use of machines and pesticides, and following all the time the safety and hygiene rules.

Thus, we are completely certain that our products have an authentic character and an exquisite quality, maintaining intact their organoleptic and therapeutic characteristics.

The vision

Our vision is to spread and share the secrets of greek land, like the nutritional and therapeutic values, the simplicity, the power and authenticity of aromatic herbs, in order to play a part in establishing a new way of life that originates in nature and mediterranean tradition.