Mountain Tea

Mountain Tea

Greek mountain tea (sideritis) is especially popular since ancient times for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. Having healing and aromatic characteristics, it is a perfect choice for relaxing and an ideal ally against common cold.

Our mountain tea is farmed at Pieria Mountains under a perfect balanced relationship between man and nature. It is handpicked and dried naturally and so it never loses its own characteristic natural smell.

Mountain tea, with its soft and pleasant taste, is one of Greeks favorite herbs and may be combined with honey, cinnamon or lemon for making a perfect beverage.

Our organic moutain tea comes dried in 25g packaging.

Beverage: For making the beverage, place 1 spoon of mountain tea (1g) in a tea or coffee cup and then add freshly boiled water (90° C). 5-7 minutes later, distract the leaves from the cup and enjoy a beverage with a perfect smell. You may drink it hot or cold, sugar-free or with a small hint of honey or sugar. You could also add cinnamon or lemon.

Our organic mountain tea is grown in the Pieria Mountains...