According to an ancient myth, mint took its name from Minthy Nymphae, who was trasnformed to a plant from Persephone, the daughter of Godess Demeter, as a punishment for lying with her husband and God of the Underworld (Hades), Plouton.

Mint is one of the most aromatic herbs in the world and is widely used as a cooking spice, as a beverage and essential oil. Our organic mint comes from the Pieria Mountains, where is farmed with special care and is hand-packaged, in order to keep intact its refreshment smell.

Mint is thought to have a strong healing action for the stomach and the digestive tract and is also known as a tonotic drink against common cold and its antiseptic and antifungal characteristics.

Our organic mint comes in the form of dried leaves in 15g packaging.

Cooking: Mint's leaves may be used for making sauces, such as yoghurt sauce, soups and dishes with vegetables or meat.

According to an ancient myth, mint took its name from Minthy Nymphae...

Beverage: For making the beverage, put a full spoon of mint leaves (1g – 1,5g) in a tea or coffee cup and then add freshly boiled water (90° C). 5-7 minutes later, distract the leaves from the cup and enjoy a beverage with a perfect smell. You may drink it hot or cold, sugar-free or with a small hint of honey or sugar.